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11 May 2018 · News

Teqnion acquires Grimstorps Byggkomponenter AB (GBK)

Moll Wendén and Lars Weibull AB were the counselors of the seller when Teqnion acquired all shares in Grimstorps Byggkomponenter AB (GBK).

Since 1997, Grimstorps Byggkomponenter AB (GBK) has established itself as an important supplier of high-quality building components and houses to several of Sweden’s leading construction companies. In addition, they also manufacture and sell it´s own frames and house components under the brand “Nässjöhus”. GBK has become known as a flexible and cost-effective supplier with fast lead times and reliable deliveries. Teqnion also takes over both the salesmen Håkan Wahlberg and Magnus Franzén who will continue in their current roles.

Teqnion is a Swedish industrial trade group that operates within narrow technical charts for industry in the Nordic region. Its 8 subsidiaries operate in industries such as laboratory equipment, electricity, design and workshop. The acquisition is part of Teqnion’s strategy to optimize subsidiaries’ operations and increase growth through acquisitions of other companies. Teqnion was founded in 2006 and now has sales of approximately MSEK 200 and MSEK 15 in operating profit.

Moll Wendén has been the legal counsel of the salesmen in the transaction. The deal was communicated by Lars Weibull AB.

Image source: Nässjöhus.se