19 September 2019 · News

Speximo AB has been acquired by IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Moll Wendén has been legal advisor to the shareholders of Speximo AB in connection with the American company IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics acquisition of Speximo AB. IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is a leading innovator in the cosmetics industry.

Speximo AB is a company based in Lund which focuses on developing the next generation of stabilization and encapsulation products. Speximo develops and formulates sustainable products in the cosmetics industry. The technology has been developed from quinoa grains and is therefore both natural and sustainable. The patented technology was developed through research conducted at Lund University.

For more information see Speximo’s press release.

Moll Wendén’s team consisted of the lawyers Mikael Karlsson (responsible partner) and Henric Stråth and the associate Noah Köllerstedt.