14 February 2023 · News

Solstenen i Skåne AB is acquired by Humana Vuxna Holding AB

Solstenen i Skåne AB has been acquired by the Nordic care company Humana Vuxna Holding AB. Moll Wendén was the seller’s legal advisor in the transaction.

Solstenen i Skåne AB offers drug-assisted treatments for opioid addiction for patients who meet the criteria for LARO treatment. The company is one of Sweden’s largest private MAT (medication assisted treatment) providers and consists of five outpatient clinics: Lund, Helsingborg, Landskrona, Ängelholm and Höör.

Solstenen possesses high competence and is among the providers in Skåne who have the longest experience. The company operates within free healthcare choice in Skåne and through their solid, qualitative work, they have continuously increased the number of enrolled patients since the start of operations in 2014. During their last financial year, Solstenen’s full-year revenues amounted to SEK 46 million. The acquisition strengthens Humana’s offering in LARO operations. Through the acquisition, Humana strengthens its range of services helping more people with healthcare needs and thus expand its social contribution.

Lars Weibull was the seller’s advisor in the transaction with Oskar Tasso as the project manager. For additional information about the transaction, visit here.

Moll Wendén’s team has mainly consisted of Henric Stråth (responsible partner) and Mikaela Lenander.