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15 February 2019 · News

Region Skåne builds Sweden’s most modern train depot in Kärråkra

Moll Wendén has been the legal advisor for Region Skåne for the formation of an agreement with Öresundståg AB concerning the train depot in Kärråkra.

In Kärråkra, north of Hässleholm, Region Skåne is building Sweden’s most modern train depot. The depot, which is expected to be operational in 2020, will maintain all 111 Öresund trains and trains belonging to Skånetrafiken. Maintenance of the Öresund trains was previously carried out in Denmark, but will now be moved to the new depot in Kärråkra.

The facility provides around 150 new jobs in Skåne and has a production cost of SEK 1.5 billion. The train depot comprises buildings of roughly 20,000 m² (215278 ft²). The buildings are divided into a workshop with offices and warehouses, a combination hall for washing, remediation and deicing, a wheel yard, a building for cleaning and several cleaning platforms. In total, there will be room for up to 35 trainsets.

An agreement has been concluded between Region Skåne and Öresundståg AB for the provision of the maintenance depot for a period of 25 years with the possibility of extension. The rental cost is estimated to be approximately SEK 95 million per year. Öresundståg AB will in turn lease the entire facility to an external operator who will be responsible for the operation and maintenance.

The lawyers Stefan Wendén och Ulrica Dahlberg from Moll Wendén have been Region Skåne’s advisors in the project.

Photo: Uulas arkitekter