3 August 2018 · News

Nordic Waterproofing Group AB acquires the majority share of Veg Tech AB

Moll Wendén has represented Nordic Waterproofing Group AB (“Nordic Waterproofing”) in its acquisition of 83 per cent of the shares in Veg Tech AB (“Veg Tech”). The operations of Veg Tech include growing, developing and supplying of multifunctional vegetation systems to, for example, green roof systems, facades vegetation, lush courtyards and water infiltration.

Veg Tech’s vegetation technology contributes to natural multifunctional vegetation systems that contribute to naturally delay the infiltration of rain water, improve water quality and favours and improves biodiversity. Currently, Veg Tech is a market leading supplier to construction companies, property owners and the public sector with customers all over Scandinavia.

“We are very pleased that we get the opportunity to carry through this acquisition. Veg Tech’s solid position in vegetation technology and green roofs is a perfect complement to our existing offering of high quality waterproofing solutions”, says Martin Ellis, President and CEO of Nordic Waterproofing. “Through the acquisition of Veg Tech, Nordic Waterproofing demonstrates and enhances its commitment towards sustainable and environmentally efficient solutions for the building industry”.

Veg Tech, which is based in Vislanda, was founded in 1987 and has since supplied roof and facades solutions with vegetation to create green, vibrant and sustainable environments on roof, rooftop gardens and courtyards. The company is represented with sales offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Copenhagen and Oslo, and has four production sites of plants in Sweden, namely, two in Vislanda, one in Ljungby, and one in Lagan.

Moll Wendén’s team consisted primarily of Mikael Karlsson (responsible partner), Henric Stråth, Lina Andréasson and Emil Andersson.