18 October 2018 · News

Nederman acquired Luwa Air Engineering AG

Moll Wendén has been main advisor for Nederman in its acquisition of Luwa Air Engineering AG, a global leader in air ventilation systems for fiber and textile industries.

Luwa was founded in 1935 and developed a top brand known worldwide. It specializes in air ventilation systems, including design and engineering, production, installation, service as well as development of particular components, products and entire solutions for the fiber industry. The facilities responsible for production and assembly are located in India and China, but the company has a wide and well established global base. The leader presents a great understanding of technological requirements and expectations of its local clients.

The acquisition is based on the “locked box” mechanism and its price amounts to CHF 28.5 million, based on consolidated equity capital as of December 31, 2017.

“Luwa is an excellent complimentary fit for the Nederman Group. Combining Luwa’s strong market presence, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, and their proven world leading technical capabilities and strong brand name and installed base within the strategically important fibre and textile markets, with Nederman’s global organisation and presence will make the Nederman Group a more complete partner for our customers,” – Sven Kristensson, President and CEO.

For more information see Nederman’s pressrelease.

Moll Wendén’s team consisted of Mikael Karlsson (responsible partner), Henric Stråth and Eric Lindgren. Moll Wendén has been assisted by local counsel in Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, India, China, Singapore and the US.