9 December 2022 · News

Moll Wendén has advised Seably AB in its acquisition of WellAtIt ApS.

Moll Wendén has acted as legal advisor to Seably AB in connection with its acquisition of the Danish company WellAtIt ApS (also known as WellAtSea).

Seably AB, the leading global digital training community marketplace for the maritime industry, has acquired award-winning company WellAtIt ApS. The acquisition is part of Seably AB’s strategic plan for growth and expansion of its SaaS product range, that also strengthens the company’s position in the shipping sector and its commitment to improved conditions at sea are strengthened.

WellAtIt ApS with its headquarters in Denmark and operational base in Manila, currently employs 27 people and has partnered globally with ship owners on over 450 vessels helping more than 17,000 seafarers. Both companies will retain separate branding and independent operations whilst benefiting from each other’s innovation and efficiencies. With WellAtIt ApS’ office in Manila integrated into the Seably network, both companies will offer 24-hour support.

For more information, please see Seably AB’s press release here.

Moll Wendén’s team consisted of Mikael Karlsson and Henric Stråth (responsible partners) and associates Alexandra Johansson and Hannah Horndahl-Vilör.