4 June 2024 · News

Moll Wendén and Leya Law in strategic partnership in AI

Moll Wendén Advokatbyrå has entered into a strategic partnership with Leya Law. During the spring of 2024 the firm implemented their AI service. The aim is to be at the forefront of AI and new technologies, and for AI technology to streamline legal processes. The initiative is expected to enable the firm to increase its focus on more complex legal issues.

Moll Wendén Advokatbyrå and the legal tech company Leya Law have started a strategic partnership. During the spring of 2024, Moll Wendén has implemented Leya’s AI service. All of the firm’s lawyers now have the opportunity to experience how AI can facilitate and streamline parts of their work.

– Like many others in our industry and in the business world in general, we see great potential in using AI in some parts of our workflow, says Henric Stråth, partner in M&A at Moll Wendén. We have recently evaluated several different AI solutions and have after careful consideration decided to move forward with Leya and its dedicated team.

– We are very excited about the partnership with Moll Wendén, says Max Junestrand, CEO of Leya. We feel that they share our vision of enabling lawyers to focus on the strategic part of their work using the power of technology.

Some of the functions that Leya can provide are the ability quickly summarise and review documents. The aim of the partnership is to find a number of use cases where the firm clearly sees that Leya can streamline all or part of the legal process. In the long term, the hope is that the use of Leya will lead to a different distribution of the time that lawyers spend on different parts of the process. 

– For us, the use of AI is a step towards avoiding manual and repetitive steps so that we can spend our time on what creates the most business value for our clients, says Henric Stråth. 

Moll Wendén actively focuses on innovative legal tech solutions and has several ongoing collaborations (to learn more about Moll Wendén’s use of legal tech, visit this page).

About Moll Wendén

Moll Wendén specialises in business law and brings together a breadth of experts who share a commitment to the client’s business, industry and their own field. With access to more perspectives and experiences, it is possible to weigh in on the essentials of the industry, the world around us and developments. This allows Moll Wendén to effectively find the essence of each assignment and deliver with precision. Both when it comes to finding the best solution through negotiation and writing agreements that create security and good business. 

About Leya

Leya brings AI to the legal sector to manage time-consuming and complex tasks across different business areas and legal systems. By streamlining and simplifying legal workflows, Leya enables law firms and legal professionals to work more efficiently, allowing them to focus on higher value tasks and deliver exceptional client outcomes.