22 October 2020 · News

MKB, HSB and Hub Park are jointly developing the future neighborhood Nya Ellstorp in Malmö

In March 2020, Moll Wendén advised MKB Fastighets AB in its acquisition of a larger property in the urban area Ellstorp in Malmö. Moll Wendén has now advised MKB in its entering into a collaboration with HSB and Hub Park for the joint development of the area Nya Ellstorp.

MKB, HSB and Hub Park will, through a jointly owned company, develop the area and work for a detailed development plan based on the consultative proposal that has already been drawn up.

Through the collaboration and the development of the property, with a total of 72,540 square meters of ready-to-build land, a new residential area will be built. This includes 750 residences for around 1,800 people, preschool, mobility hubs, residential homes, commercial premises, square and park. Of the residences, approximately 450 will be leasehold estate and 300 condominiums.

The emerging neighborhoods will be permeated by innovative environmentally and climate-smart buildings and efficient mobility solutions. The property will be built in stages and the first occupancy is planned for the end of 2023.

MKB, which is owned by Malmö City, is one of Sweden’s largest social housing companies with roughly 24,500 leasehold estates and 1,000 premises throughout Malmö. The company manages and builds a wide and differentiated range of attractive apartments for the population of Malmö. Through the collaboration entered into, MKB is given possibilities to maintain a continued high production rate of new residences for Malmö’s growing population.

Lawyer Stefan Wendén and associate Christer Nylander from Moll Wendén have been MKB’s legal advisors.

For more information; see MKB’s press release here

Photo: MKB Fastighets AB (2020)