29 March 2021 · News

MKB acquires distinguished property in Malmö

Moll Wendén has acted as legal advisor to MKB Fastighets AB in its acquisition of Skjutsstallslyckan Fastighets AB

MKB has acquired the property Malmö Skjutskontoret 4, located at Lundavägen 48 in Kirseberg, where Hedbergs Bil once conducted its business operations in the renowned premises. The acquisition presents MKB with the opportunity to develop and produce 230 new apartments in accordance with a recently adopted detailed development plan and to continue with the expansion of its property portfolio in the eastern part of Malmö.

Ikano Bostad was the seller of the property and MKB’s acquisition was conducted via a corporate transaction based on an underlying property value of MSEK 62. MKB is estimated to gain access to the property during the fourth quarter of 2021 and construction is estimated to begin during summer 2022.

MKB, a company owned by the city of Malmö, is one of Sweden’s largest public housing companies with 25,300 rental apartments and 1,100 premises in the metropolitan area of Malmö. MKB manages and builds a wide variety of attractive apartments for Malmö’s population. Currently, MKB has approximately 1,000 rental apartments under construction and an equal amount is in the projection stage of construction. For the construction of new rental apartments, the availability of detailed land eligible for construction is a crucial factor for the continued growth and success of MKB.

Moll Wendén’s team consisted of the lawyer Stefan Wendén and Christer Nylander.