24 October 2023 · News

Medeon Scholarship 2023 awarded to Rashmi Prasad at LUDC

This year, the Medeon scholarship goes to Rashmi Prasad at Lund University’s Diabetes Center (LUDC). She receives the award for her research on diabetes and heredity. The prize is awarded during World Diabetes Day on November 14.

This year’s recipient for the Medeon scholarship is Rashmi Prasad at Lund University’s Diabetes Center (LUDC). The prize is awarded due to her research on the hereditary factors of diabetes (type 2). She also examines how the fetal environment impacts of the fetus affects the risk of developing diabetes and whether it is possible to reduce these through taking specific measures during pregnancy. Rashmi Prasad’s research is expected to lead to individually adapted prevention options in the long run.

The Medeon scholarship of SEK 50,000 is awarded each year by Medeon in collaboration with Moll Wendén Advokatbyrå to a promising researcher. Those who have been awarded the scholarship so far have been researchers in the field of diabetes. Since 2011, when it was awarded for the first time, a total of 12 people from LUDC have received the scholarship. At LUDC more than 300 people work in more than 30 research groups to map and investigate the mechanisms behind diabetes and its complications.

The scholarship is awarded during World Diabetes Day on November 14 at Studio in Malmö. Participants can take part in lectures and exhibitors with a focus on the latest knowledge in different types of diabetes. The event is open to anyone with an interest in diabetes and is organized by Medeon Science Park in collaboration with Lund University’s Diabetes Center (LUDC), Diabetes Samverkan Sverige (DSS) and Sydvästra Skånes Diabetes Association.

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