12 October 2023 · News

L-G C Isolering AB is acquired by Hjo Installation Invest AB

L-G C Isolering AB and its subsidiaries have been acquired by Hjo Installation Invest AB, becoming part of a stable group of 52 companies with a turnover of more than SEK 2.8 billion. Moll Wendén acted as legal advisor to the sellers in the transaction.

L-G C has been a well-established brand for 26 years and the acquisition of L-G C is a clear starting point as Hjo Installation continues to focus on technical insulation and creates this as a fourth segment in its offering. It will be the tenth company within this segment. The company was founded in Växjö and has eight affiliate in different locations in Sweden.

L-G C Isolering was founded in 1997 by Lars-Göran Carlson and Raymound Andersson, who were the company’s main owners until Hjo Installation acquired the company. L-G C Isolering is Sweden’s largest privately owned technical insulation company, with approximately 120 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 180 million.

Lars Weibull acted as seller’s advisor in the transaction and Tobias Lundin acted as project manager. For further information on the transaction, please visit Weibull’s website here.  

Moll Wendén’s team consisted mainly of Henric Stråth (responsible partner) and Mikaela Lenander.