20 April 2020 · News

Kalerum Skogar has changed owners

Moll Wendén has been the legal advisor to a Danish buyer in its acquisition of Kalerum Skogar, a foresty property of 1,938 hectares, with 1,638 hectares of productive woodland located east of Valdemarsvik.

The property has been acquired in a company transaction through the purchase of all shares in Kalerum Gård AB. The buyer occupied the shares on April 15, 2020. The purchase price is not official.

The purchase also included a hunting camp, tree stands, sauna, boat house, butchery and a couple of small torps. The forest land also has a well-planned and maintained road network. The property’s forest stands is judged to be very well managed, despite the fact that it is in its best active growth, there are already opportunities for logging.

Lawyer Stefan Wendén and associate Christer Nylander from Moll Wendén have been the buyer’s Swedish legal advisors in the transaction.

Picture: Kalerum Skogar (2020)