16 May 2023 · News

Industri- Teknik Bengt Fridh AB is acquired by INIVI AB

Industri- Teknik Bengt Fridh AB has been acquired by INIVI AB, an innovative industrial company with the aim of acquiring and developing industrial niche product and service companies with their own products and brands. Moll Wendén was the seller’s legal advisor in the transaction.

Industri- Teknik Bengt Fridh AB has a long experience and high technical competence in solving many energy and process engineering problems in an innovative way. The company is a market-leading manufacturing company that develops, constructs and supplies systems for, among other things, projects within direct and indirect process heating, preheating, various types of process gas and liquid purification and burner systems. The company was founded in 1969 and is based in Arlöv, Sweden. 

Lars Weibull was the seller’s advisor in the transaction with Tobias Lundin as the project manager. For additional information about the transaction, visit Weibull’s website here.  

Moll Wendén’s team has mainly consisted of Henric Stråth (responsible partner) and Mikaela Lenander.