29 May 2018 · News

Geia Food A/S acquires Tilab International AB

Moll Wendén has represented Geia Food A/S in its acquisition of all shares in Tilab International AB. The operations of Tilab International AB include the import and resale of dairy products to the Swedish retail chains, food services and certain industrial on site production.

Tilab International AB is based in Karlstad and employs a total of eleven employees, five of which are employed within the company´s warehousing department. The company primarily sells private label products but is also a distributor of various ”packer brands”. Over the last five years, the company has shown impressive overall growth and the company´s turnover is forecasted to reach SEK 250 million. The acquisition is of major strategic importance for Geia Food as it cements Geia Food’s position in the Swedish market and expands sales in Sweden to approximately SEK 400 million for the fiscal year 2018. The acquisition, therefore, provides a good foundation for future expansion in Scandinavia, where Sweden plays a key role.

Moll Wendén’s team consisted of Mikael Karlsson (responsible partner), Henric Stråth and Christer Nylander.