12 February 2023 · Events

Avoid disputes – create long-term and profitable business

Seminar 21 March 2023 at 16.00 – 18.00

In troubled times, there is an increased need to dispute. At the same time, it is even more important to protect collaborations and business. How to act in order to prevent disputes and the loss of financial values?

The world and the social climate are currently characterized by great uncertainty. It is not always for the company itself to choose whether to end up in court proceedings or not – sometimes the dispute comes as a bolt from the blue. The need to litigate increases in economically difficult times which is why it is important for companies to assess the risks, acting both strategically and proactively.

Proactivity is thinking strategically about disputes. Clarity in the contract process regarding which risks that exist, and who bears the cost of those risks, is positive for both parties. That way, you ensure business in the long-term while increasing the possibility of more and expanded collaborations.

Disputes and disagreements place high demands on negotiation skills. In addition to legal knowledge and practical experience, the ability to understand the other party is also needed. How then to navigate around risks and pitfalls related to disputes? How do you increase the chance of success in a potential process? Is it even possible to avoid disputes?

On March 21, we invite you to a lecture where our lawyers share their experience of different types of disputes. They will also share their experience and give practical examples.


  • When a dispute is established – the initial actions and assessment of the situation
  • The importance of the agreement for avoiding disputes – prevent through clarity
  • Different ways to resolve a dispute: mediation/conciliation, arbitration, court
  • Q&A

This event is especially aimed at those who are responsible for the company’s business development and quality assurance, for example accountants, members of the management team or board members.

Keynote Speakers

Stefan Wendén

Stefan’s work focuses on complex court and arbitration proceedings for both international and Swedish clients. He has many years of experience in arbitration proceedings within the framework of various regulations, i.a. SCC, ICC and ad hoc proceedings with the application of both Swedish and foreign law. Stefan is also employed as an arbitrator in Swedish and international proceedings.

Thomas Ogard

Thomas specializes in labor law and dispute resolution and has extensive experience in acting as a representative for employers before, during and after a court process or other negotiation. He assists companies in disputes such as trade secrets, infringement investigations and employment law disputes.

Stephanie Stensson

Stephanie mainly works with dispute resolution, where she helps clients in commercial disputes with advice and litigation before a court or arbitration board. She handles disputes relating to contract law, tort law, intellectual property law (IP law) and contract law.