Public procurement / Public Administration

Public sector transactions are worth approximately SEK 800 billion annually. Public administration involves a number of regulatory frameworks, where procurement law aims to promote competition in the EU's internal market and establishes requirements for how contracting authorities and entities must and may act when procuring goods, services, and construction contracts. The regulatory framework is constantly being supplemented with new provisions while courts are developing the case law at a rapid pace. In order to succeed with public procurements, it is therefore important that both the contracting authorities and entities and the suppliers are informed and understand the available opportunities and the possible consequences of non-compliance with the regulatory framework. Our experts have long and extensive experience working for the national government, municipalities and regions as well as their publicly-owned companies. We assist clients, on an ongoing basis, with various administrative and municipal law questions, such as regulatory, CSR and various licensing issues.

Many years of experience in all areas of public sector transactions

Our public procurement experts have extensive and long-standing experience with public sector transactions, including within the court system and at contracting authorities, tendering companies and supervisory authorities. We have comprehensive experience from all areas of public sector transactions and we assist clients with everything from needs analysis and planning to the implementation of procurements and tender procedures, follow-up, court proceedings and more. Our experts also sometimes author, among other things, legal commentary on procurement law.

We represent contracting authorities and tenderers

We work with both contracting authorities/entities and with suppliers in a wide range of industries, including, among others, building and construction, medical and healthcare, transportation, medical technology, services, IT, motor vehicles and consultancy services. 

We help with the following, among other things:

  • Strategic advice to contracting authorities and entities in connection with public procurement –  before, during and after a procurement procedure. We assist with drafting procurements and procurement documents, selecting a procedure, qualification requirements and evaluation models, negotiations and more.
  • Strategic advice in connection with concessions, public and private sector collaborations, innovation procurements, sustainable procurements and more.
  • Public procurement advice, particularly regarding evaluation, requirements, sustainability issues, environmental requirements, special conditions for the performance of contracts and more.
  • Support for suppliers in the tendering process, including review and analysis of procurement documents, support in asking questions and requesting clarifications, review and process of tenders, and more.
  • Support when examining and evaluating tenders, among other things with issues regarding exclusion, abnormally low tenders, and more.
  • Support in court proceedings concerning the review procedures regarding a tender and review procedures regarding the validity of a tender, as well as proceedings for damages and procurement fines.
  • Advice regarding procured agreements and contracts
  • Assistance in connection with questions regarding public access to information and confidentiality
  • Training in public procurement, including bespoke training on procurement laws, sustainable public procurement, public access to information 
  • Advice on other administrative law issues and in administrative court proceedings

Our public procurement team advises clients, on an ongoing basis, on all aspects of the public sector transaction. No matter where in the procurement process you need help, our experienced team of specialists is available to facilitate the often otherwise complicated public sector transaction.