Marketing law 

Consumers today are well-informed and accustomed to seeking and evaluating knowledge from different sources. It can therefore be challenging for companies to be seen and heard in a way that consumers pay attention to. While there may be a desire to stand out and be noticed, marketing law rules establish the boundaries for what actions are permitted. In addition to the Marketing Practices Act, there is also special legislation which is important to take into consideration for specific areas. These include the Swedish Alcohol Act and the Swedish Tobacco Act, the Swedish Gaming Act, the Swedish Advertising (Names and Pictures) Act and the GDPR. Companies need to be aware of marketing law's possibilities and limitations. Violations can have far-reaching legal, financial and media consequences.

General and specific marketing law issues

We support companies at all stages of a marketing project. We assist in connection with prior review and risk assessment of planned marketing measures, as well as in drafting of contracts with marketing law aspects. We also assist companies in negotiations and discussions with authorities and in disputes related to marketing law. 

Our advice can cover more general questions such as the what needs to be taken into consideration for an advertising campaign or product launch, what is important to consider in influencer marketing, or the risks involved in a prospective marketing strategy. It may also involve more specific issues, such as information about or the appearance of a product or its packaging, or whether a particular message or expression is permitted. 

Assessment and adaptation based on relevant regulatory framework 

We help enterprises, from corporate groups to start-ups, to ensure that their marketing is compliant with current regulations and any industry standards or special legislation. We also help international companies adapt their marketing to the Swedish market. In addition, we train communications and marketing departments on the basics of marketing law and when marketing law rules are updated. 

We help with, for example:

  • Review of advertisements, promotional campaigns and other marketing activities
  • Social media marketing and influencer marketing activities
  • Managing personal data and other data protection questions in the areas of marketing and media
  • Producing marketing guidelines and policies
  • Negotiations and discussions with regulatory authorities, such as the Consumer Ombudsman
  • Marketing law disputes

We help companies to be creative while staying safely compliant with marketing law and to navigate through marketing law rules.