The last few decades have seen an increased focus on disclosing and addressing misconduct in various contexts. These include corruption and financial crime, as well as health and safety issues and harassment. Both when taking preventive measures and when a crisis is at hand, organisations today need to ensure that misconduct is investigated with the right expertise and sufficient integrity. Finding the right partner is crucial to address the challenges that can arise in these complex situations.

An external investigator signals the importance of the issues 

Dealing with suspected misconduct and problems is not only a legal requirement in many cases – irregularities can cause significant damage to your business and brand. When there is a suspicion that something is not right in an organisation, using an independent external party to conduct the investigation provides significant advantages. 

By using an external investigator, you signal that your organisation takes misconduct seriously and takes responsibility for addressing the issues that need to be investigated. It also makes it easier for your personnel to entrust particularly sensitive aspects of the investigation, for example interviews, to an external party that is not part of the day-to-day business.

Holistic solutions for all investigative needs

Moll Wendén Advokatbyrå has the expertise required to carry out internal investigations and conducts legally sound investigations with great integrity. We have extensive experience providing various investigative services in both the private and public sectors. As a law firm, confidentiality is a natural part of our work method and we can guarantee that the matter is handled with the necessary confidentiality. 

In addition to our own organisational excellence, we also have the capacity and network necessary to provide a comprehensive solution for your investigative needs. If there is a need for expertise in specific areas, such as IT forensics, we work with trusted partners who can deliver the services required to ensure a solid result. We also have an extensive network of foreign law firms that can assist in cross-border investigations.

We have broad experience with investigations under different conditions

We regularly carry out investigations for both the public and private sectors. Investigations may involve occupational health and safety issues or other irregularities. We have experience in many industries – everything from municipal and regional operations, such as education and health and social care, to commercial activities. We provide investigative expertise to a full range of enterprises, from small organisations to large, listed companies and public sector operations. We are therefore able to adapt the investigation to the circumstances of each specific enterprise.

Advice for preventive work and investigations of misconduct

We help organisations with preventive measures and when the crisis is at hand. In terms of prevention, we can support clients when they  develop procedures and policies that will facilitate a future investigation process. We also help with risk analysis for the enterprise. 

If suspicions of misconduct arise, it is important to act quickly. We can help determine whether an investigation is warranted. If an investigation is needed, we are available to identify damage control measures and quickly launch an investigation.

We help with the following types of investigations:

  • Internal investigations
  • Employment law investigations 
  • Occupational health and safety investigations
  • Whistleblowing investigations
  • Investigations of discrimination and unequal treatment
  • Investigations of irregularities

We combine relevant experience with expertise in order to ensure both the quality and effectiveness of each investigation. Our collective experience provides a result that you can rely on once the investigation is completed.  

Conducting an investigation

Investigations are usually unique. Consequently, we tailor the investigation process based on the conditions and needs in each individual situation. We rely on fundamental principles of due process to ensure that the investigation and its conclusions can form a useful basis for decision-making.

As a client, you have the opportunity to decide the extent to which the investigation measures should be carried out internally, and which parts should be turned over to Moll Wendén Advokatbyrå. Collecting investigative material can take place in different ways, but the process often includes interviews with relevant persons and analysis of written and technical material.

After analysing the data, we provide feedback on the results of the investigation in the requested form, usually in a written report. The report may also include recommendations for appropriate action, such as employment law measures or notifications to a supervisory authority. The decision to take action is always taken by the client.