Dispute resolution

Nobody wants to get into a dispute, but in almost all business activities there is a risk that disputes will, nevertheless, arise. The trend is for legal proceedings to become more extensive and complex, while response times are getting shorter. Disputes often require significant resources, which in the long run can also affect the day-to-day business. At the same time, the outcome of a dispute can have significant financial consequences. Consequently, it is important that the dispute is managed in a way that takes commercial values into account. Once a dispute has arisen, it's important to get a quick overview and find a strategic solution that is tailored to your commercial needs and legal prerequisites. Sometimes this means a negotiated solution between the parties before the dispute gets to court, and sometimes the dispute needs to be dealt with in a court or before an arbitral tribunal.

Experience and expertise with judicial proceedings

No two disputes are the same and each situation requires different measures to reach the best solution. In addition to expertise in the areas of law relevant to the specific case, experience and familiarity with the judicial procedure is also required. 

We usually assemble a team of specialists in procedural law and specialists in the subject matter of the dispute. This is a powerful combination that clearly impacts the customer’s ability to succeed. 

Our experience and expertise in judicial proceedings and related strategies is therefore very valuable to our clients. 

We represent both claimants and defendants

A dispute can arise in several ways. Either the company has a claim against a party, or the company has received a claim from a party. We represent both claimants and defendants before courts, arbitral tribunals and public authorities. We also act as arbitrators in arbitral proceedings. 

We can help with:

  • Investigations and case status assessments 
  • Settlements
  • Mediations 
  • Arbitral proceedings
  • Acting as arbitrators
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Disciplinary proceedings 
  • Court proceedings

The lawyers in our dispute resolution group have broad and extensive experience with disputes in various proceedings as well as in most industries and business areas. We always assemble a team with the cutting-edge expertise required in light of the dispute so that we can give the client the best chance of success.