Construction Law

Construction projects are often large and complex works involving multiple parties. Projects are often long-term and can also change along the way, which can raise a variety of complex questions.  In recent years, the impact of global events on construction law has become even clearer. This carries with it the need to quickly identify the challenges that the project faces as a result and the measures that need to be taken to address them, both immediately and over the long term.

Deeper understanding of the construction industry

Every project is unique. As a result, demands are high as regards practical experience, sensitivity and negotiation skills. 

Our construction law specialists have many years of practical experience in the construction industry, both as in-house counsel and through many years of close cooperation with some of Sweden’s largest contractors. This means that we have worked on everything from smaller maintenance contracts to the implementation of complex infrastructure projects, which has given us a deeper understanding of the construction industry as well asthe challenges and needs of the parties involved.

We work daily with the Construction Contracts Committee’s (BBK) standard contracts (e.g. AB 04, ABT 06, ABK 09 and ABM 07) and questions about the AMA system (including technical AMAs and MERs) as well as other Swedish and international standard contracts used in the industry. 

With a strategic approach to negotiation and contract drafting, we work proactively to avoid disputes on a project. If a dispute becomes a fact, we assist in the process. We combine the skills of construction law specialists and dispute resolution specialists to provide the expertise that is required in a legal proceeding.

Advice in all phases of a construction project

Moll Wendén helps you in all phases of the project, regardless of whether the issue is extensive and complex, or whether it’s minor and needs to be handled on a day-to-day basis in the project. We can help with the entire process, from project planning to inspection, or provide targeted assistance based on your needs and wishes. 

We represent construction clients, contractors, consultants, material suppliers for construction and infrastructure projects, and traditional industrial companies. We advise both large and small parties. We also represent public sector construction clients, such as public authorities, municipalities and publicly-owned companies. We are based in Malmö but represent clients throughout the country.

Examples of what we can help with:

  • Advice – everything from day-to-day advice to major investigations
  • Project support before and during the procurement phase, throughout the project period and during the warranty and liability period.
  • Contract drafting, contract strategy and contract negotiations, including preparation of templates and other documents 
  • Dispute resolution and handling claims 
  • Training courses and bespoke workshops
  • Acting as arbitrator, member and chairman on arbitration inspection panels

Our construction law group are specialists in construction law. We have many years of experience with construction law questions and crafting customised solutions in all parts and phases of construction projects. Together, we have an unbeatable level of expertise that provides the right conditions for a successful project. We have the knowledge and experience required to tailor a solution that best safeguards the client’s rights and needs – regardless of the stage when we become involved.